Spalding Cycling Club Membership


Becoming a Spalding Cycling Club member has never been easier, simply scroll through the options below.


All you need to do then is download a 'Membership Form' and send it back to us!

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Youth Member (Under 16)
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Second Claim Member

Membership Conditions and Additional Information


To be eligible to compete in Club handicap and all club championships, members must have renewed membership before 1st June of that year and must have done a minimum of four events.

1. After this date they will not be eligible for any of the above and will pay the full membership fee, which will be held over for the next year as well. This means that they will be entitled to 7 time trials.

2. Membership must be renewed before competing in any club or open time trial.


Second Claim Membership

1. Riders, who are members of other cycling clubs that are not CTT affiliated, may be first claim members of SCC for time trials only. They must enter time trials in the name of SCC. They must enter other disciplines (cross, road/ circuit, track etc) in the name of their other club. They must wear SCC or plain kit when riding in open time trials.

2. Riders who are members of other clubs that are not cycling clubs but are CTT affiliated ( for example Tri clubs) can be full SCC members, they must enter any Open events in the name of SCC and must wear either SCC or plain kit.

3. A second claim member may enter all club events, as a private trial and will pay the CTT levy. They will not be eligible for any club records or prizes.


Cycling Time Trial Levy Fees


Full Club Members (Racing) - £2.00 Per Ride

U16 - No Charge

Guests and Members of Other CTT Affiliated Clubs - Adults £3.00 Per Ride - U16 £1.00 Per Ride