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Please see below the Clubs Activities and Events. For more details about each Activity or Event that the club takes part in then click on the picture which will refer you to the relevant page;



Road Racing

Spalding Cycling Club offers the British Cycling Go-Ride Programme. The programme enables riders to develop their range of skills in a well supported environment.

Spalding Cycling Club has an active Road Racing team with riders competing in Regional and National events as Youths, Juniors, Seniors and Vets.

Time Trial

Time Trials are one of the main disciplines that Spalding Cycling Club take part in. With members travelling across Lincolnshire and nationally to take part in events. Refer to the Time Trial page for more details.

Grass and Hard Track Racing

Many Spalding Cycling Club riders take part in both Grass Track and Hard Track. Refer to the Track page for more details.


Skinny tyres, mud, short, sharp off-road races, with hurdles, obstacles and intense action. That’s cyclo-cross, a form of off-road racing that predates mountain biking by decades. Refer to the Cyclo-Cross page for more details.

Club Runs

Spalding Cycling Club organises regular group rides. These range from short rides for beginner cyclist to long hilly rides for the more experienced rider. Refer to the Club Run page for more details.

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