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Road Racing is the oldest forum of Cycle Sport, dating back to the very beginnings of the bike. Today, its combination of a long and rich heritage, the technology and a fantastic social scene, it makes Road Racing one of the cycling's most enduring disciplines.


Spalding Cycling Club has a full range of riders from Youths to Veterans racing at Local and National Events. As a Club, we have a good Youth Development set up that can see riders going from Young Youth riders all the way to the top of the sport to become Professional athletes. Our Club Coaches are involved in the Regional British Cycling Development Programmes and offer full support for up and coming bike racers.


Types of Road Racing


Road Races - These are bunch events that take place on the open road over a pre-determined lap or laps. Riders sign on at a HQ before the race begins in a 'neutralised' form - allowing the peleton to group-up before racing commences. Races can either be stand-alone events or part of a league or series.


Closed-Road Circuit Races - These take place on traffic-free facilities, either purpose built for Cycling or re-purposed Motor Racing Circuits or Airfields. Races begin from a standing start and are shorted than road races, often only lasting for an hour for Senior riders. Closed Road Circuits often have demanding corners with lots of braking, accelerating and cornering.


Find Events


British Cycling Events for all Age Categories -


Lincolnshire TLI League (Wednesday Nights) -


VCRA (Veteran Road Racers) -


BC East Midlands -



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