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Spalding Cycling Club organises regular group rides. These range from short rides for beginner cyclist to long hilly rides for the more experienced rider.


Please make sure you bring two spare inner tubes, a small pump, plenty of water to last the route, money for cafe stop and a contact number for your parents if you are under 16.


Riders of all ages and abilities are encouraged to take part in the Spalding Club Rides. 

Please refer to SCC FACEBOOK for further details and other rides.

Saturday Ride 0900hrs - Monkshouse Playing Field (near Scout Hut) - ride leader (confirmed weekly via Facebook)

Sunday Ride 0830hrs Fisherman's Arms - 50 miles (easy pace)

Club Run COVID-19 Update

You may be aware that from 18th June British Cycling ended its total suspension of club group riding.  BC now allows organised rides of up to six people provided that they adhere to the government’s Covid-19 safety guidelines, including maintaining a social distance of 2 metres.

 The club committee has discussed this at length as well as seeking opinions from other club members and the consensus is that, while a return to official club rides would be welcome, it is not practical to maintain the 2 metre distance on a social ride.  Riding in line at that spacing holds little possibility either for drafting or social interaction and riding alongside each other presents other safety concerns on our narrow roads.

 For these reasons, the club still does not sanction any organised group rides at this time.  Of course this position will be under constant review in relation to changes in the safety advice from British Cycling or the government.  In the meantime, the committee encourages you to enjoy your individual riding and, if you decide to arrange any group riding privately, asks you to keep yourselves safe and to please bear in mind that you represent the club in the eyes of the public while out on the road in club kit.

Yesterday BC updated its advice on spacing to 2 metres or 1 metre plus mitigating actions, which amount to either wearing a face mask or preventing face to face contact, neither of which really improves group riding activity.

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