Club Kit


Spalding Cycling Club will now be using Bioracer as their kit provider to give club members the most comfortable ride.


Club kit is ordered through the club kit co-ordinator via an order form - full details to follow via the forum and email.


The club kit co-ordinator will collate a list of who has ordered what and will check items on arrival. Collections will then be arranged.


Club Leisure Clothing


Club leisure clothing is also available to order.


PLEASE NOTE: Clothing Items are not all plain. Polo Shirt, T-Shirt, Hoodie, Softshell Jacket, Fleece all have Sponsors and Club Logo embroidered or printed onto them. 'Training T-Shirts' have the Club Logo printed on them only and it is on the front and the back of the T-Shirt - there are no Sponsors on this item.


Some items have a colour option - please take note of this when placing an order - Royal Blue or Black. Umbrella has Club Logo on 3 Panels. Beanie Hat has just the Club Logo on it.


Please refer to the club shop on this website for ordering - items available to order will be listed on here.


Any questions, contact the Club Co-Ordinator.


Club Co-Ordinator

Club kit and leisure wear co-ordinator for Spalding Cycling Club is Harry Bellars.


Any questions, please visit the contact us page and use the club email address.



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