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Key Points:

- 2021 Chairperson Simon Hare has been replaced in the role by Andy Bowser for 2022. The committee/AGM thanked Simon for his years as Chairperson.

- 2021 Treasurer Ross McGivern has been replaced by Rob McAlinden for 2022. The club thanked Ross for his years in the role, and look forward to welcoming Rob McAlinden onto the committee in his new role.

- Josh Wallis takes the reigns from Rob McAlinden in the role of Press Secretary. He will also have an active role in the club's social media accounts on Instagram and Facebook.

- Lisa Woodcock, a newer member of Spalding Cycling Club, has taken the role of Club Development Officer. She very much looks forward to seeing how she can help to develop the club with the assistance of the 2022 Committee Team.

- Nigel Howard joins the committee as a 'Committee Member'. Nigel has been very active in getting the weekly club rides back running on a weekly basis. Please do take a look at Facebook (below) for weekly ride details. Shane Norton, Bill Wood and Frazer Wallis continue as 'Committee Members' as well for 2022. 


- 2022 Committee will meet next on 10th January 2022.

- 2022 AGM will be held on 7th November 2022.


The Lincolnshire Road Riding Association (LRRA) lost their community website a while ago. SCC offered a space on our website in the interim until LRRA managed to sort a website.

This has now been sorted, and the LRRA page removed from SCC's website. LRRA thanked SCC and Harry for providing a quick short term solution and short notice.

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